What would be Paris without cabaret?

We met the manager of the ”La Nouvelle Eve” Adrien Pierini and talked with him about the soul of Paris: one of the oldest variety and dancing cabarets (built in 1898) in Montmartre, Paris. 

Fotos by Julie Böhm and Bertrand Orsal.

The cabaret is one of the most magical places showing the remain of  “La Belle Epoque”, and post-war Parisien life.

Visit or book the Cabaret during the time from April to October. It is a vivid space where performing art is shown in its highest levels. One evening you can still hear the voice of “la mome” Edith Piaf in “La vie en rose” and on the other days you can see dancers performing the “French Cancan” on stage.

La Nouvelle Eve

25, rue Pierre Fontaine - 75009 Paris


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