Fashion, is made to be  worn. Sonja Ortner is giving designers Ayo van Elmar, deva la vie, Fulani and NUBU a new great space & pr/marketing support in vienna. 

Sonja cared to offer a fine selection of upcoming fashion labels:

Ayo van Elmar - label of african influenced designer Ayo Olaogun and cofounder Elmar Drabek, who attended London Fashion Week this year, as well as sexy vintage couture by deva la vie. Nubu presents her low key coloured urban style & Fulani, label of the two young designers Omatu Gottschlich and Sandra Sturm, which raised attention of international celebrities.


Sonja Ortner, Josef Winkler and Truth Hurts

Deva la vie with testimonials.

Elmar Drabek from Ayo van Elmar presenting his collection, looking  a bit grimly 


First Showroom Vienna

deva la vie