Craig Tracy - “Painted ALIVE” - FINE ART Bodypainting



No doubt, Craig Tracy is one of the most inspiring Fine Art bodypainters in the world.


He grew up in New Orleans in the time of the “Flower-Power Generation”. It ‘ s the nonconformist spirit, their radical changes and freedom that formed his attitude towards art and life. In his salad days he started to make his artistic talent breathing.


On his 15th birthday he achieved his first “airbrush” - the medium that formed his art for the next following years.
Some years later beside highschool he trained his skills on a shopping wall as an airbrush artist for any kind of surfaces to be painted: t-shirts, murals,…
He graduated at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. At that time his freelancer work as an illustrator for an advertising agency he felt limited in his expression for art. His passion brought him back to the roots where anything in painting materials seemed to be possible.
During his period of individual approach to art he began to paint faces, then bodies. His philosophy of men in harmony with nature he tried to find expression in his first series of bodypainting, the so-called “The Nature Series”

In 2005 he won in competition with his colleague Jeral Tidwell the first place in the category “Airbrush” at the Worldbodypaintingfestival. Since then Craig has been several times a judge and continued to attend the event every year.



People try to analyze his art which might be the message, why these proportions, why these colours, abstract or figurative…? The art of Craig is too big to be described  with these words and small pictures on the web-
you must have seen it in reality - in confrontation with that kind of impressive power of art, and artist’s passion himself:

Visit in New Orleans the “Painted Alive Gallery” or attend the workshop at the WBF Academy  where he is creating his acced to art during the week of the Worldbodypaintingfestival in Austria:
An strongly recommendable experience, not only for an artist to see what makes life so beautiful!


Biography video of Craig Tracy:

Craig Tracy Gallery behind the Scenes:


Craig Tracy WEBSITE

Craig Tracy Gallery “Painted Alive”, New Orleans



author: J. Boehm