Christian Lorenz Scheurer has worked on some of the most innovatives movies, games and commercials of the last years.

His range of projects reaches from architectural design for movies such as “The Fith Element” to the comcept art for “The Matrix” and “Titanic” to the fantastic dreamscape of “Dark City”, “Final Fantasy”, “Animatrix” and “The Golden Compass”.

He was involved in the visual definition of video games such as EA`s Spore, Mistwalker’s Lost Odyssey and Square’s Final Fantasy IX.

Venturing into other artistic projects, Christian has lent his unique vision to massive theme parks in Dubai, children’s bestselling book covers and original intellectual properties for animated film.

Watch the interview of the FMX when I met him after his speech! There will be soon Interview part II with Christian talking about his fascination for films and his process of inspiration and creation.
Stayed tuned!

Yours Miss J.


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