Saschka Unseld , director of Pixar’s new short film “The blue umbrella” at the FMX Conference 2013

Christian Lorenz Scheurer - famous concept designer at the FMX Conference 2013 , Interview Part II

Christian Lorenz Scheurer - famous concept designer at the FMX Conference 2013 , Interview Part I , introduction



Christian Lorenz Scheurer has worked on some of the most innovatives movies, games and commercials of the last years.

His range of projects reaches from architectural design for movies such as “The Fith Element” to the comcept art for “The Matrix” and “Titanic” to the fantastic dreamscape of “Dark City”, “Final Fantasy”, “Animatrix” and “The Golden Compass”.

He was involved in the visual definition of video games such as EA`s Spore, Mistwalker’s Lost Odyssey and Square’s Final Fantasy IX.

Venturing into other artistic projects, Christian has lent his unique vision to massive theme parks in Dubai, children’s bestselling book covers and original intellectual properties for animated film.

Watch the interview of the FMX when I met him after his speech! There will be soon Interview part II with Christian talking about his fascination for films and his process of inspiration and creation.
Stayed tuned!

Yours Miss J.


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Marc Zimmermann talented animation/vfx artist at the FMX Conference 2013


Marc Zimmermann is a great Animator/VFX artist from Dresden. He studies at the renowed Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg. I met him at the FMX Conference last week in Stuttgart where he also presented his recent clip: “Inner Space” - one of the trailers of the “International Trickfilm Festival” ITFS




He also  likes creating environments for moving pictures, either fully computer generated or as so-called digital matte paintings.

Last year his clip “Start Watching” was nominated for the ANIMAGO Award.

Enjoy watching his great audiovisual artworks!

Interview/video by Miss J.


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music without credits in the video done by Mark Zimmermann, too





Experimental Dance Videos by the Cirque de Soleil Artist aDANDYPUNK



Today I found a great artist who shows what is possible in the crazy world between art, light and dance - enjoy watching! Yours Miss J.




Using projection mapping onto street furniture, a dandypunk travels through various fantastical worlds, interacting with strange characters and treacherous landscapes, in the hope of unfolding the secrets and learning the techniques from the ancient book of “The Alchemy of Light”.

A dandypunk exists to inspire and motivate creativity, non-conformity, whimsy, intense curiosity, do-it-yourself mentality and everyday eccentricity in everybody. The new weird.


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Bernhard Haux, Character Technical Director of PIXAR at ANIMAGO

movie awards 2013


best supporting actress 2013


best actress .13, Oscars 2013

best_supporting_actor 13

Best Supporting Actor 2013

best motion picture 2013

Best motion Picture 2013,


Best Leading Actor - the nominees, Oscars 2013, 85th Academy Awards


Kaleb Lechowski creator of R’ha - The stunning, student-made shortfilm that got Hollywood’s attention!

Pixar Exhibition “25 Years of Animation” Part II, Bonn

Pixar Exhibition “25 Years of Animation” , Part I, Bonn


Christmas thoughts animated


Till Nowak , filmmaker, winning the Jury’s Prize Animago AWARD 2012 “The Centrifuge Brain Project”


Gottfried Mentor “Oh Sheep”, animago award 2012


Marc Zimmermann - animator top 10 music list


Trailer and the Winners of the animago AWARD 2012