At this year’s World Bodypainting Festival’s Brush/ Sponge World Award at Poertschach, Austria, Ton Nizet from Netherlands made the 4th place.


Here’s the top 10 ranking:

1st place: Johannes Stötter (Italy)

2nd place: Einat Dan (Israel)

3rd place: Min ah KIM (Korea)

4th place: Ton Nizet (Netherlands)

5th place: Rotem Lots-Zaiden (Israel)

6th place: Evgenia Parhatskaja (Sweden/Russia)

7th place: Leonie Gene (Germany)

8th place: Yvonne Zonnenberg (South Africa/Netherlands)

9th place: Eva-Maria Schulz (Germany)

10th place: Syl Verbeck (Netherlands)


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