Although her first specialization was in economics, Lena followed her heart and dreams and completed a fashion degree at the University of Arts in Bucharest.
In April 2006 she presented her first collection within a sumptuous UNICEF gala. In 2008, Lena presented her brand at trade shows and fashion fairs in Paris and New York. In March 2010, Lena Criveanu opened her first flagship store in Bucharest. In July 2011, she stepped into the flash lights of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

Lena Criveanu re-interprets handcraft technology and skills of the Romanian traditional costumes and combines it with individual design elements from the different regions of her motherland. Her collections are an evolution of traditional Romanian designs into a modern romantic aesthetic. Painted and printed elements flag her collections. Quite often she oversteps the boarders between fashion, sculptural and performing arts. 




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Lena Criveanu
Strada Atelierului No. 24, 1st floor, Sector 1, Bucuresti

[email protected]