Stephan Pelger was born in Brasov, Romania, and studied at the Fashion Institute in Vienna, where his creative talent was discovered early. After finishing his studies, Stephan worked for the brands Missoni, Schella Kann and DI Vercallo Cashmere. In 2004 Stephan decided to return to Romania and started building his own brand. Only one year later in 2005, he presented his first collection at the Romanian Fashion Week where he was praised and recognized by the critics. This was the beginning of a beautiful career. Now Stephan Pelger is a well-known high profile brand that is presented on the national and international fashion market. His creations are designed for young, self-confident and modern women who set their value on taste, style and elegance.

His innovative approach and breathtaking collections were presented at various national and international fashion shows and fairs. Twice he attended the New York International Fashion Fair “The train” and three times the Prêt-à-Porter Fashion Fair in Paris. In 2009 Stephan took part at the Frankfurt Fashion Show and in January 2011 he presented for the first time his collection “Eisblumen” at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

The success was absolutely impressive, being described by the media as the “shootingstar” of the Fashion Week. His second collection “En Garde” presented this summer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin had the same appeal to the public and fashion industry, being a strong validation of his already gained reputation. 




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Stephan Pelger
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