At this year’s World Bodypainting Festival’s Airbrush World Award at Poertschach, Austria,  Flavio Bosco from Italy made the 2nd place;



Here’s the top 10 ranking:

1st place: Elisabeth Presslauer (Austria)

2nd place: Flavio Bosco (Italy)

3rd place: Melanie Hill (Germany)

4th place: Kris - Kolors - Bülow (Germany)

5th place: Martin Ficek (Czech Republic)

6th place: Herbie Betschart (Switzerland)

7th place: Birgit Linke (Austria)

8th place: Gabriela Hajek-Renner (Austria)

9th place: Benoit Stik Bottala (France)

10th place: Umerto Zanoni (Italy)


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