Bohemian Life #1- fine art painters Amanda Sage and Prof. Ernst Fuchs painting together. The smell of nitro and paint ist omnipresent in Ernst Fuchs atelier at the Palais Palffy, Vienna. The legendary fine art painter, founder of the vienna scool of phantastic realism, and a fellow friend of Salvador Dali, is overworking a painting of Amanda for an exhibition in Russia.  The atmoshpere is swayed by the mystical sound of Ernst Fuchs recordings of his chorals.


At first it was not easy for Amanda, to let her painting get overworked: “I thought about it and wow, It’s quite a risk to take a painting that is in my history, in my story. But why not?”, she said. “It was this bit of letting go and allowing…. This can be translated into life in every aspect. There is no beginning and end to where art exists. To me, my life is art.”  

“In terms of philosophy I realize that I am a part of the whole. What happens within me is also around me. There is no you without me and there is no me without you.”



Later the president of the Kulturzentrum, Piero Banchiero, joins the scene, listening to the chorals which Prof. Ernst Fuchs recorded in the late 1970s.


Palais Palffy

Amanda Sage

Ernst Fuchs


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