Filippo ioco’s Pink Vernissage benefited PINK RIBBON DEUTSCHLAND at Goldneun 13.dec 2012.

Regina Halmich, boxer champion, was the model for a serie of six Bodypaintings that were sold at the vernissage.
Watch the video to get an idea of Filippo’s artwork and his mission for PINK

Don’t miss my track, Miss J.

Some informations about the organisation: 

PINK has been created by International Body Painter and Fine Artist Filippo Ioco.
PINK was established in 1995 to benefit and bring awareness to Breast Cancer Organizations and The abuse against Women and Children through Artistic Silent Auction Cocktail Parties.

As an artist ioco feels that it is his duty and obligation to lend his works and services to bring awareness, education and needed funds to organizations in need as well as for the greater good of humanity.

Dedicating a large amount of his artistic energy to charity work worldwide for such causes as Aids Research, Breast Cancer and Children with HIV/Aids, Children with Deformities, Wounded Troops and their Families. Filippo ioco is renowned for bringing a philanthropic purpose to every project to which he is engaged in.

PINK will focus on the awareness and education of Breast Cancer, The abuse against Women and Children through silent auctions of ioco’s work, raffles of various gifts and services and local and corporate sponsorships all combined together in one artistic and all inspiring charity exhibition and cocktail party.

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