Whats your Festival Style? The Balaton Sound Festival in July 2013 was full of great music and great people. But how about their style? Our scout Twiggy Crash made a preselection - but now it’s up to you to decide who looked best… Rate their pictures - the Outfit with the most likes will win tickets for the Balaton Sound 2014, sponsored by Balaton Sound Austria!





So which one is the best Festival Style of the Balaton Sound Festival 2013, preselected by Twiggy:

Your style is better? You could win…

So, what you saw does not quite impress you? If you think the only one who deserves the tickets is you - just send us an email with the picture (.jpg, hi res) with your best festival outfit (including Name, Country of residence, and the festival where it was shot), until latest 30th of September 2013 . 


Find out more about how to party right 🙂 all night, rock on, whaotsofuckinever:

Check the Video: I’m in Balaton, bitch!

Balaton Sound Festival Tickets


And if thats not enough for you, send your own - and win, maybe, not.


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