“Watch for pureness and appreciate the beauty of life”, this is how Chinese designer Wang Yutao describes the philosophy behind his label Beautyberry. Flowing materials, the play with matt and shining surfaces, clear, expressive colours and sophisticated cuts assign his design for both women and men.

Beautyberry stands for puristic and unaffected lifestyle. Nevertheless it is characterized by emotion and luxury.
Wang Yutao connects his high-quality traditional cuts with modern materials, laid-back casualness with exclusive elegance and western styles with the basic attitude of the Asian culture, which inspires us to slow life down around us to be able to enjoy it more.

Wang Yutao who created Beautyberry in 2005 is one of the most popular fashion creators in his native country and was already often awarded for his collections. 2011 he won the Mercedes-Benz China Young Fashion Award in Beijing.




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