9th place: Benoit Stik Bottala, France, World Award Airbrush, WBF 2012, Pörtschach, Austria

At this year’s World Bodypainting Festival’s Airbrush World Award at Poertschach, Austria, Benoit Stik Bottala from France made the 9th place.





Here’s the top 10 ranking:

1st place: Elisabeth Presslauer (Austria)

2nd place: Flavio Bosco (Italy)

3rd place: Melanie Hill (Germany)

4th place: Kris – Kolors – Bülow (Germany)

5th place: Martin Ficek (Czech Republic)

6th place: Herbie Betschart (Switzerland)

7th place: Birgit Linke (Austria)

8th place: Gabriela Hajek-Renner (Austria)

9th place: Benoit Stik Bottala (France)

10th place: Umerto Zanoni (Italy)



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