In the 2nd episode of Bohemian Life, Prof. Ernst Fuchs is reciting the lyrics of his mystical vocals recordings. He remembers, it was Dave Brubeck who encouraged him to record them back in the 1950s in San Francisco. “If you don’t, one day you will regret it”, he told him. 


Music is something that evokes feelings”, says Amanda Sage, who was working with Ernst Fuchs on a painting for an exhibition in russia, see Bohemian Life #1, “and what I experienced, is that we have these things existing around us, that we don’t necessarily see. Just like we don’t hear certain tones.”



At a party of De Es Schwertberger’s atelier in the 6th district of vienna, a big hall near a vivid shopping area,Bohemian Life is meeting Ernst  Fuchs again: “Nothingness is incomparable” he says, staying with students, collegues and friends.

Following De Es’ Planetarians, we arrive at Lena Brauer’s exhibition “Hexen” (witches) at the Palffy Gallery, located at the Phantasten Museum Vienna. All the phantastic witches had come, and with them, Lena’s brother, Arik Brauer, together with his old fellow Ernst Fuchs, one of the originatrors of the vienna school of phantastic realism. But that is a different story….


Palais Palffy Phantasten Museum Wien
Amanda Sage
Ernst Fuchs
De Es


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camera: Elfi Rauch, Thomas Heindl
editing: Thomas Heindl