Buffet Clothing wants to make products that reflect easy living and freedom from care. This can only be done by supporting and getting inspired by people who have chosen to live the days to the edge of what is possible. Not taking care of what´s going to happen tomorrow at all. They try hard to create an open space where both fans of fashion and contemporary art are able to meet with artists, illustrators, designers, musicians, poets and photographers. Buffet shows what they can accomplish together by introducing designs which otherwise consumers would not be able to see.



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Watch all videos of the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2012

Watch all videos of the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2011




The MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK is organized by creative headz, an innovative team with a vision of a fashion event of international standard. Founders and organizers are Zigy Müller, Elvyra Geyer and Maria Oberfrank. The MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK  was established as an ideal platform, a central location for designers and exhibitors, fashion shows, side events and exhibitions.

Fashion, side events and exhibitions will take center stage as well as the presentation of austrian and international design.