Adama Amanda Ndiayeis is the talented designer and entrepreneur behind the very promising brand “Adama Paris”. The Senegalese was born in Kinshasa and today lives and works between Dakar, New York and Paris. As the daughter of diplomats, she grew up in several cities around the globe.

Her brand is a name in the African fashion world. She embodies the multicultural designer of the new millennium. Her life between the African and European culture and the large variety of cosmopolitan trend has become over the course of the years part of her identity and her understanding of fashion. It is the spirit of the brand “Adama Paris”: elegant, African, and urban. Adama Paris clothes young contemporary women at home anywhere in the world.

Her collections elegantly bridges cultures without assigning itself to one. Rather they repeatedly and creatively break through the limited picture of a style that is tied to a culture. Driven by her wish to share her understanding of fashion, the Adama Paris collection ran on all African fashion weeks as well as in Europe.


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Nomi by Naomi is a fashion label deserving of a second glance. Jennifer Naomi Spieker, designer and founder of the label, was born in the South American Suriname. She grew up in Amsterdam where she graduated with a diploma in interior design. In 2008 she changed her field of expertise and realized her dream as an autodidact: her own fashion label in the Netherlands. The functional colorful designs of Nomi by Naomi are creations with surprising detail. The labels road to success began with its “hooded scarf”, a breakthrough with that it immediately drew exciting attention. The peculiarity of its garments lie above all therein that Nomi by Naomi uses predominantly African Ankaras materials, that were made of 100% cotton (variable wax hollandais pressure).

A typical Nomi by Naomi design is mixed with western materials such as jeans, tweed and Jersey with African textiles. This combination gives its brand an urban Chic Look. Her vision is to bring colour into the European wardrobe and to generally introduce the Ankaras material into the European fashion world. Naomi Spieker is continuously inspired by new vibrant prints and irregularities in material. All creations are made in limited levy so that the exclusivity of her garments remains protected. Her collections are worn extensively in west Africa where she has become a known brand. Her designs are for the self-assured woman, confident and daring enough to be different. Nomi by Naomi is winner of the Music and Fashion Battle Amsterdams 2010.

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ROMERO BRYAN tries to insert worldly problems and subjects into his designs instead of following any trend. The London born designer began honing his capacities for design and his craft at the delicate age of thirteen years in his quest on becoming a world-renowned designer. Romero Bryan has fashion in its genes - his grandparents and his uncle were tailors and therewith bestowed the love of materials into the cradle. In 2001, Bryan’s designs attained the attention of the media for the first time when the UK singer Samantha Mumba appeared in the Brit Awards in a low-cut Romero Bryan dress. Romeo Bryan’s success story began at the London College of Fashion where he graduated in 2005 and where he still teaches to this day. His designs are desired by the ‘A List’ of celebrities around the world, like Michelle Obama, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Alek Wek, Cameron Diaz, Destiny’s Child, Elizabeth Jagger and Usher. Over the course of the years, Romero Bryan’s clientele has expanded. In the meantime he has advanced to the “boy wonder” (according to His design are sold worldwide from London to New York, from Jamaica to Africa, as well as in many European countries.

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