Kristina Elizarova, Russia, 11th place at World Special Effect Award, WBF 2013, Pörtschach, Austria

Watch our video of KRISTINA ELIZAROVA’s performance at the the amazing World Special Effect Award show.


Kristina Elizarova, Russia, won the 11th place of this years World SFX Award.
Houyam Hajlaoui from Belgium made the 1st place at the competition 2013;
Gabriela Hajek-Renner from Austria made the 2nd place at the competition,
Yulia Vlasova from Russia made the 3rd place at the competition.

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Kristina Elizarova at the World Bodypainting Festival 2012 is very happy to introduce to you the videos of the best artists performances of the WBF 2013. The 16th World Bodypainting Festival was again a fantastic party with fantastic people…. full of happyness, fun and passion. Don’t miss it next year.

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World Bodypainting Festival 2012 is very proud to be a partner of this great festival - big thanks to Alex Barendregt, founder of this extraordinary event, which is visited by thousands of fans, hundreds of models and artists from over 50 countries.